Thursday, 2 November 2017

School cat Ron.

This is my poster that tells you a little detail about Wesley's school cat. Also it saying a big thank you to the Mt Albert Pak N' save for the things they gave to Wesley's cat Ron.
I hope you enjoyed my poster. If you have any questions or a comment you have you can click comment at the bottom of my poster. Also you can ask it their and comment their.  (Enjoy)


  1. Kia Ora Losaline.

    My name is Clare, and I will be one of the people blogging with you this summer for the Summer Learning Journey.

    Great to see you do a post for a special cat at your school. How nice is Pack n Save donating to your school. That's really positive community spirit! Who got to name Ron? Is there someone looking after him over the christmas holidays.

    We are thrilled that you've registered for the Summer Learning Journey with us. I know it can sometimes be tricky to get started. I have included a link to the week one activities, but remember, you can do them in any order! Check out the activities on our website, and then post your responses to the activities here on your blog site.

    I am so excited to read all of your posts!



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